Compare and Contrast U.S. Healthcare Policy Review the health policies of each of the following countries. Then, choose a country from the following list to compare and contrast with the current U.S. healthcare system:
• China
• England
• Germany
• Australia
• Canada
• Japan
Once you have thoroughly analyzed the health policy information for your chosen country, answer the following questions:
• What is the main focus of the policy standard in this (chosen) country?
• What are the similarities to the U.S. healthcare system?
• Governance
• Workforce
• Leadership
• Quality
• How does the U.S. healthcare system differ in terms of policy?
• Where do you foresee the U.S. healthcare system in the future (long-/short- term)? ( Review from one of the the following perspectives: the provider, the patient, or other stakeholders)
• Summarize the meaning of universality in U.S. health policy versus your chosen country. (Include your research on the future of the U.S. healthcare system)