Provide an overview of the area of evidence uncertainty and justification of why this topic was selected including overall significance of the problem.
Summarise the current use of evidence based practice in the Australian health care setting in relation to their topic; this may include anecdotal experience of the issue in practice.
Synthesise the available literature that supports and opposes self-identified healthcare interventions appropriate to their population and consider the outcomes of the selected studies.
Compare and contrast findings from difference studies and highlight study strengths and limitations of the studies included in their review.
Based on your review of the evidence explain the rational for your decision making to your situation of uncertainty.
Subject objectives
Upon successful completion of this subject students should be able to:
Examine the role of evidence based practice in health care practice.
Convert a clinical problem into a focussed question to direct the search for research evidence.
D . Analyse synthesise and apply research evidence to inform decision-making in healthcare.
Examine the factors influencing the applicability and implementation of evidence-based practice into current healthcare.
Identify a gap in the literature choose a feasible research topic justify its significance and develop their research aims and objectives.
This subject also contributes specifically to the following graduate attributes:
Is a reflective critical thinker who contributes to practice policy education and research to enhance health care and health outcomes (1.0)
Is socially culturally and ethically accountable and considers health care in a global context (3.0)
Communicates appropriately and consistently in diverse situations (4.0)