Discuss the legal and ethical basis for advance directives

Discuss the legal and ethical basis for advance directives; briefly describe a situation where an advance directive might apply. State (and cite) what content would be included in an advance directive. Advance Directives—research and discuss the legal and ethical basis for Advance Directives such as the Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney for healthcare. Why are these documents so valuable in healthcare situations? What legal authority do these documents provide for decision making by family and/or healthcare providers? Briefly discuss a situation in which a Living Will might apply and would be of benefit to those involved. Once you have researched and discussed Advance Directives, draft a sample Living Will, indicating the type of content that should be found in such a document. Some students take this opportunity to prepare their own actual Living Will, and that certainly is encouraged.

Your paper should be 3 to 5 typed pages and the format should be in APA. Be sure to refer to at least one outside source, in addition to your text, as you prepare your paper. Include References page with in-text citations.

Absolutely NO Plagiarism at all please the software detects it.

Some specifics tips on how to lay out your paper:

• Define and cite advance directives.

• Define, discuss, and cite a type of advance directive that you want to discuss (living will, health care power of attorney, or do-not-resuscitate).

• Discuss how the advance directive is used.

• Provide and cite the typical content of an advance directive.