Discuss the history of theory and research involving your chosen topic and the current state of theory and research with respect to that topic. In your response, please address the following:

Explain how the topic you chose applies to your area of work, interest, or study in psychology. (child development- Teacher )- That is my area of work

Use the APA Code of Ethics as your guide to briefly discuss what ethical issues might arise in connection with your chosen topic with respect to research or practical application.

Note: In responding to this question, address only the cognitive aspects of the topic you choose; exam question two covers the affective aspects.

Exam Question Two

Choose one of the readings on affect ( Read Miron-Schatz, Stone, and Kahneman’s 2009 article, “Memories of Yesterday’s Emotions: Does the Valence of Experience Affect the Memory-Experience Gap?,” from Emotion, volume 9, issue 6, pages 885–891.)

Briefly summarize your chosen article, and also discuss another article, book chapter, or other professional or academic resource of your choosing that addresses the same area.

Compare and contrast the two resources’ approaches and conclusions and discuss their relevance to cognitive-affective psychology.