Answer the following discussions in just 150 words each. Must include at least one credible source cited in APA.
Discussion 1
Use the internet to locate and read about an incident of age discrimination that has happened in the U.S. and briefly describe the incident. Compare laws in the U.S. that protect citizens from age discrimination to similar laws one or more of the Countries you explored. What are the main differences?
Discussion 2
Go to the following site:
And explore several of the Series featured under the home page “Series” link. At this time, do not explore the “Stories” or “Countries” links.
Referring to some of the social problems you noticed as operating in the Series, answer the following question:
What are one or more important sociological issues in health and medicine in the world today that you observed in the Series you explored? What are some data you can find to show the prevalence of these issues, and what groups of people do these issues affect most?