Internal Code: MAS 4358 Health Care Assignment Questions: Question 1: Literature, research and publication : a. What research questions does the research address and why does the author think this question is important? b. How does the author use literature to support the importance of their work? c. Draw a literature map for the article. d. Discuss the extent to which the author follows the advice given in the topic on how to publish. You MUST apply your readings from the textbook for this unit and you MUST apply these readings to the research described in your selected article a. Read the article and express the research question and the importance of the research in your own words b. Examine the types of literature the author uses to support their research and discuss the sufficiency and quality of sources (refer to Creswell’s chapter on literature and reference this) c. Draw a literature map (refer to Creswell’s advice on literature maps and reference) d. Compare the article with the advice provided about how to structure a research publication (use Creswell and the course materials) Question 2: Demonstrate you apply your learning about sound argument when you analyse the article you have selected from the options provided above a. Argumentative techniques: Identifying the argumentative techniques are used (you MUST refer to the readings on types of argument (in Library Resources), you MUST reference this) (10%) b. Argument map: Draw a map of the MAIN argument made by the author and write one paragraph to explain your map (10%) c. Strength: Discuss the strength of propositions and arguments in terms of adequacy and sufficiency, soundness and validity (you MUST provide examples, and refer to the readings on types of argument, you MUST reference this) (10%) d. Improvement: Suggest how the argument could be strengthened and/or how the presentation could be improved to communicate with a general audience (5%) e. Future research: What type of future research do the authors suggest is needed? (5%) Question 3: Read the comments made by readers at the end of the article. You are NOT expected to read any other materials apart from these. You are not required to undertake additional research, as this would unfairly advantage some students. a) Evaluate the type of research design used by the author, outlining its strengths, limitations and suitability for the purpose (you must reference Creswell) (guidance 150 words) b) Write a suitable Purpose Statement as if you were writing an academic proposal for this research (refer to Creswell for how to write a purpose statement and reference this) 5% c) Develop a suitable Justification (or significance) statement as if you were writing an academic proposal for this research (refer to Creswell and reference this) 5% d) Develop a suitable Research Question (and sub-questions, if needed) as if you were writing an academic proposal for this research (refer to Creswell for how to write research questions and reference) e) Write your own response to this article, demonstrating your use of logical, adequate and sufficient argument 17 total views, 2 views today