This paper will compare the NLN, AACN/CCNE guidelines for nursing schools. Research the national guidelines for these types of items: (1) general educational core requirements; (2) nursing student educational requirements; (3) didactic class size; (4) clinical group size; (5) clinical hour requirements; and (5) nursing faculty educational background. These items may not be labeled on the websites. You may need to LOOK for the information. You can INFER it through critical thinking from your reading, or RESEARCH articles to locate what you need. This will be a formal APA manuscript style paper. You will include: an APA Title Page; an Abstract; five complete pages of text; and a formal APA Reference Page that cites three articles from professional peer-reviewed journals; references from The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice, references from the QSEN Competencies, and information from the National League for Nursing.