Internal Code: MAS4154 Nursing – Critical Reflection Essay Activity # 1 (Pair Work) Work individually and identify the most appropriate opening sentence: Nairn, Thompson and Chambers (2012) claim that critical reflection enables nurse educators to bridge the theory practice gap. Improved nursing performance and patient safety are the main reasons for reflecting on practice. Why should nurses use critical thinking? Critical reflection has become an essential component of contemporary nursing practice. Background Information Set the topic in context by providing some general background information which could include: Reasons for significance of topic/issue Examples of use in healthcare Thesis Statement A thesis statement is: A broad, formally written statement Your point of view on a particular topic without the “I” Eg: I think critical reflection ensures quality patient care. Critical reflection ensures quality patient care. The benefits of critical reflection are recognised and employed to transform nursing practice. A thesis statement could stress a particular fact: It is generally acknowledged/considered that critical reflection paves the way for optimal health delivery. There is no doubt that critical reflection is a fundamental skill that empowers nurses. 18 total views, 2 views today