health psychology Below is a link to an antismoking video on youtube. If done well, this video has the potential to improve the health of our nation given the hazards of smoking and the potential for many people to watch it. Your job is to critically evaluate the potential impact of this video. First, discuss the factors that make educational appeals to behavior change more or less effective, and evaluate whether or not the video makes a persuasive argument (justify your answer). Second, describe how the Health Belief Model or the Theory of Planned Behavior explains health behavior, and discuss the extent to which the relevant variables in the model are or are not addressed in the video. Third, describe the Stages of Change Model, and discuss which stage(s) of change the video is likely to be most relevant for. Fourth, based on your discussion thus far and other potential factors, take a stand on whether or not you think this video will actually have an impact on the health of our nation. What single change would you recommend to increase the potential impact of the video and why?