There are a total of ten (10) exam questions below. You MUST complete five (5). Do not respond to more than five (5). I will only read the first five (5) answered. You MUST clearly identify each question by number. First repeat the question that you are responding to and then provide your answer.
Your answer to each question should be no more than 2-3 paragraphs.
Please note: While some questions may seem like they have a quick and short answer I would encourage you to develop your answer ensure your answer is complete and that you have answered all parts of the question. Short Quick answers tend to lose significant points.
Your responses MUST be in your own words and you therefore do not need to cite to any resources in your answers. However if you directly quote a source for any reason you MUST provide a citation.
Dont Forget to Provide Your Name in the upper right hand corner of your MS Word file.
1. Describe the basic elements of a contract?
2. Explain one way in which the Standard of Care is determined in professional malpractice cases?
3. What is the APA and why is it important to an understanding of health care regulation?
4. Describe and explain two types of business organizations?
5. What is Clear and Convincing Evidence and what case established this standard?
6. Describe and explain two different injuries pieces of data or some other information that is reportable to a government entity and why they are reportable?
7. Explain the term Market Power as it relates to antitrust considerations?
8. What is informed consent?
9. What does it mean to be employed At Will explain fully?
10. Describe at least two rights protected by patients rights law or regulation?