Internal Code : MAS4187 Nursing Assignment For this task you need to create a single (1) slide (using PowerPoint) colour coded concept map and 750 word explanation, demonstrating analysis of the case study scenario emailed to you in week 1. Questions : 1) Interpret the patient’s risk factors (from the case-study scenario) and determine how these risk factors relate to the diagnosed disease/disorder; 2) Outline the links between the aetiology, cellular pathology and the pathophysiology of the diagnosed disease; 3) Describe how the pathophysiology of the disease/disorder accounts for the patient’s clinical manifestations (described in the case-study scenario); and 4) Analyse and interpret evidence-based research to suggest appropriate diagnostic assessments and treatment modalities for the patient’s diagnosis. In your 750 word written explanation you must: 1) Explain the links between the patient’s risk factors and aetiology to account for the disease’s/disorder’s pathophysiology. 2) Describe how the disease’s/disorder’s pathophysiology manifests through the patient’s signs and symptoms. 3) Justify your suggested diagnostic tests and treatment modalities listed in the concept map on their relevance and appropriateness for the diagnosed disease/disorder. 18 total views, 2 views today