Internal code- MAS4459 Health care Assignment Questions- 1 Read the Criterion Reference Assessment guide for this task. This will help you to understand what is required of you and how this assignment will be graded. 2 Refer to the 5Rs Reflection Framework to understand how to frame your process of reflection. 3 Make reference to and integrate required unit readings to help you make deeper meanings from your reactions and insights. 4 Write an Introduction for your essay. The introduction should provide a synopsis of what you have written, not an outline of the assignment question. 5 Write a body for your essay – The body of your essay should include -what you know and believe about mental health and illness. Include a discussion of what supports your own mental wellbeing. -how your beliefs, attitudes and opinions about mental health and illness have formed. Factors to consider include your own experience of mental health issues or that of someone you know; your knowledge base (including how the media contributes to your understandings); your culture (age, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, class, ability/disability). – reflection on what you are learning in the unit’s lectures and tutorials, considering how these materials align with your existing knowledge, opinions and thinking about mental health and illness. Describe in particular, any emotional responses you have experienced in relation to the learning materials so far. 19 total views, 2 views today