Describe the steps of putting together a psychoeducational socialization group for deaf and hard of hearing high school students with additional disabilities.

1. The process for the school mental health counselors and behavioral specialists selecting eight deaf and hard of hearing students with additional disabilities to participate in the socialization groups.

2. The process of writing and sending a permission letter to the parents about the socialization group, along with the consent form.

3. The process of establishing pre and post questionnaires for the group.

4. Describe the planning process of brainstorming ideas for the group topics and activities (see the attached document)

5. Describe why is it important to run the group during Orioles Time (study hall period after lunch time).

6. Describe the importance of explaining the rules and expectations about the group to the participants, including confidentiality.

7. Describe the expectations of the weekly group topics and activities (see the attached document) during the 10-week timeline.

8. Describe the evaluation process and planning with a co-leader before and after the socialization group.

8. Explain the termination process of the socialization group.

9. Include references and resources.

10. Include introduction and conclusion.

11. Organize the paper with headings and subheadings. Use APA 6th edition style.