Intimate Partner Violence/Substance Abuse Project

Develop an informational video or handout on intimate partner violence or substance abuse. • Choice 1 Create a 3-minute video clip that includes information on prevention, treatment, and available resources. OR • Choice 2 Create a trifold educational flier for any of the issues discussed in this week’s readings. For either format that you choose, you must include a reference page with at least three citations using resources that are less than five years old. Consider the following information when pulling your research together: • Summarize the models of care that have evolved in caring for victims of intentional violence. • Describe the impact of substance abuse and addiction on individual people and their families, communities, and nations. Please Note: I choose choice 2, the trifold educational flier. 1. Ebook access: see attached file 2. Course Materials: a. Public Health Nursing: Population-Centered Health Care in the Community • Author: Marcia Stanhope and Jeanette Lancaster • Publisher: Elsevier Mosby • Edition: 9th (2016) • Availability: Available in your Vital Source Bookshelf ISBN: 9780323321532 b. A Pocket Style Manual (APA Version) • Author: Hacker, Diana • Publisher: Bedford St. Martins • Edition: 7th • Availability: Available in your Vital Source Bookshelf • ISBN: 9781319117085 3. Reading Assignments Read Chapters 11, 19, 32, 33, 34, 37, and 38