Internal code- MAS4576 Nursing Assignment Ethan is a 52-year- old dairy farmer from regional Victoria. He lives in the house within his farm, 30 kms from the nearest town, with his partner, Alma, and their 25-year- old son, Noel. His son works with him at their farm. Ethan left school at the age of fifteen so that he could work at the farm which was then managed by his parents who have since died. Questions- Q1. What are the chronic illnesses that Ethan is likely to have? Explain your answers using the information from the scenario. Describe the potential impact on Ethan and his family if he was to be formally diagnosed with the illnesses you’ve identified. Support your discussion with relevant literature. Q2. What model of care would suit Ethan’s needs? Explain your answer using information from the scenario. Describe the process that needs to happen to establish this model. Support your discussion with relevant literature. Q3. Consider the scenario that Ethan agreed to the service model you have proposed in question two. You now ill need to write down your nursing letters: – First, write a patient communication letter addressed to Ethan to let him know of the plans you both agreed on. Give a brief background to remind him of why we are doing this, tell him what the plans are, and let him know what actions are needed of him. -Second, write a referral letter to one of the services that would be beneficial for Ethan to access. Give them the part of Ethan’s background that is relevant to their service, let them know what  service you wish for them to provide and provide them with details that you feel will be useful (such as time frames and means for coordination). 35 total views, 3 views today