Instructions for Integrated Research Review

This project is one report divided into 2 steps: identification of problem and article search then writing the IRR report

Problem Identification & Article search: ( 5 articles needed)

· Identify problem-using PICOT format to formulate research question

· Establish pre-defined eligibility criteria for your article searches.

· Systematic search that attempts to identify all studies that would meet eligibility criteria

· Appraise the studies to select only those that are relevant and not biased

· Extract information, analyze it, and synthesize the findings of the studies as a body of evidence

· Key information from each article will be organized in a findings table

· Produce a report

IRE Report

· Open with stating the issue and why it is important, include your PICOT question in format

· Describe the process used to search for the articles in detail include databases searched, key terms used and inclusion/exclusion criteria used. Also include the process used to extract information from the reports and the methods used to evaluate the quality of the studies