Health Promotion Innovation Project

Nursing is both a science as well as an art. Health promotion usually involves encouragement of some type of behavioral change. The mode of communication of this information can be very influential in its very nature, and the more aesthetic the approach, the better it will be received. This assignment gives you the opportunity to be creative and develop a health promotion innovation, using creative storytelling, poetry, cartoon, music, photo-voice, art, dance or other artistic endeavor to influence the health of an individual, community or population. Consider the principles of entrepreneurship associated with this project. Present your art form using power point slides for description and share with your classmates using Kaltura media. Assignment Criteria: 1. Develop a recorded PowerPoint presentation/PPT using Kaltura in the form of a scholarly presentation. Follow the instructions for using Kaltura located in Canvas under Modules and APA Documents/Resources. 2. Slide 1: Identify the health disparity/problem and population you have chosen to target with your innovation. 3. Slide 2: Include information about the epidemiology of the problem, with appropriate citation (ie CDC) 4. Slide 3: Specify the cultural considerations, and health care literacy needs for your project. 5. Slide 4: Specify the art form chosen for your innovation, and rationale for this approach. 6. Slide 5: Describe at least one goal or outcome for your innovation – remember to use the SMART format in this goal – (specific, measurable, achievable/attainable, relevant/realistic, & timeframe). 7. Slides 6-10: Share the innovation – story, artwork, photograph, song, play, comic, etc. placing the audio/video medium on the slide(s) (Can use up to 4 slides if needed) Include one slide for Evaluation of innovation outcomes (last). 8. Once the PPT is created, utilize Kaltura media to present the PPT with voice over (use computer and microphone). 9. For presentation clarification, include presenter’s notes in the click to add section to explain the slide. 10. Share the Kaltura presentation in the Threaded Discussion Forum provided after the due date. 11. Evaluate at least 2 of your classmates Health Promotion Innovations, providing feedback and an idea for additional areas of application of their project. 12. The PowerPoint presentation should not be more than 10 slides (excluding the title slide and reference slide) and 10 minutes in length. Be complete and concise. Use bulleted statements not complete sentences or paragraphs. 13. Use APA format for PPT, which always includes a title slide, a reference slide, and APA requirements. Resources found in APA Documents/Resources. 14. A minimum of 3 references will be required for this assignment. References should be from scholarly peer-reviewed journals (check Ulrich’s Periodical Directory) and be less than five (5) years old.