public health nutrition Paper instructions: The summary covers the background and significance of vitamin D deficiency very well prevalence, risk factors The second half (approximately) of your paper should introduce current interventions (clinical trials are okay to include, but what else is in place?) and your own recommendations for public health interventions/future steps. Also, please be sure to define your population. Is this U.S. women? The paper structure should be : Background (suggested length: 1-2 pages) Nutritional information on the dietary factor (e.g., calories, a particular vitamin, breastfeeding). You might include: Physiological role Sources Related nutrients Description of the problem (approximately 1-2 pages), e.g, populations at risk for deficiency/too much physiological consequences of too little/too much (as relevant to your problem) public health implications morbidity and mortality economic costs how to address it (are specific groups at higher risk?) Current public health interventions in place (about 1 page) Discuss at least 1-2 programs that are addressing the issue Program components and justification – why are they doing what they are doing? Program evaluation: methods of evaluating effectiveness and findings Your own thoughts (about 1 page). May include: Critiques of current programs and suggestions for improvement Ideas for a novel intervention How to get more attention for the problem (if you feel it should get more attention) Which groups to involve Partnerships with other interest groups Include references as appropriate in APA style. Include at least five references from peer-reviewed journal articles, including at least three original research articles. Grading will be based on: completeness and adherence to requirements use of information and resources demonstration of understanding of key concepts clear writing demonstration of student’s analytic skills