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Ethics of Healthcare Management
Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Healthcare professionals face ethical questions every day. This is particularly true for those whose scriptural worldview may seem unfamiliar, or even antagonistic, to the secular scientific community. This assignment asks you to research and analyze the ethical issues involved in a healthcare environment that poses such ethical challenges.

• Stem cells and cloning
Select 1 of these topics and provide critical analysis of (i) the ethical issues for society, (ii) the ethical issues for a Christian healthcare professional

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Mental Health Assignments
Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

You are to write an essay which analyses a case study in order to discuss appropriate biopsychosocial factors and nursing management or interventions relevant to that case. Recent and relevant literature must be used to support your discussion.

1. 1) Select a case study provided.
2. 2) Use recent literature to support your discussion:
1. 2.1) Discuss biopsychosocial factors that contribute to the development of the selected disorder.
2. 2.2) Discuss a nursing management or interventions appropriate for your selected case study.
2.3) Discuss ethical implications for the selected case study.

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Healthcare Financing—Reflection and Analysis
Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Throughout this course, you have covered many aspects of healthcare finance. You have learned that the US healthcare system is extremely complex and needs solutions. As a manager, you need to be a part of the solution.
As you complete this course, consider what you have learned and how this information applies to your personal career goals. Reflect upon what you have gained and will use from this course and which parts of the course you value the most.
Write an essay that expresses your thoughts and addresses the following:
• How do you see the various aspects of financial management as a whole for a healthcare organization? For example, how does one’s perspective influence decision making or how does financial management relate to the organizational mission?
• How has your perspective changed about the financial health of the healthcare organization in which you are currently working or would like to be employed?
• How can you become part of the solution to the healthcare financing crisis in the U.S.?
• What do you see as trends in financial management for healthcare organizations?
Give reasons to support your statements.
Write your initial response in approximately 300–500 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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“Contracts and Antitrust Protocols Based on the Criminal Aspects of Health Care”
Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

* From the scenario, differentiate between the concepts of criminal law, antitrust, and health care as they apply to U.S. health law in the 21st Century. Conceptualize the primary ways in which these laws apply to U.S. health care administrators.
• Analyze the general transition of U.S. health laws based on criminal misconduct in health care to the creation of contract laws, as predicated within the Sherman Antitrust Act. Evaluate the efficacy of the measures that the new contracts in question afford, and rationalize whether or not these improvements have provided optimal solutions to today’s complex concerns of integrity in health care performance.

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Assignment 2: Organization and Management of a Health Care Facility
Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Your duties at 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital require you to interface with many different professionals, including physicians, nurses, and allied professionals in various areas of health care. The facility also has a new information technology management center, which handles all professional staffing solutions within the hospital. As part of the management protocols, the hospital has tasked you with tracking professional certifications, tracking legal issues within the hospital, and providing detailed monthly reports on the general functionality of the health administration department.

Note: You may create and / or make all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of this assignment.

Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you:
1. Provide a detailed summary of your hospital’s organizational structure. Include a tabulated description of the levels of professionals within the organization. Describe the duties of each major head within the organization.
2. Provide a detailed hypothetical mission and value statement for the hospital. Provide a rationale for the development of your particular mission and value statement.
3. Outline a detailed feasibility plan for the hiring of nurses, physicians, and allied professionals. Provide a rationale for the chosen plan, and explain the main reasons why the plan in question would be suitable for use with different health care professionals.
4. Justify the use of information technology to increase patient services. Provide a summative table of some pros and cons of using information technology in an era of networking and security breaches.
5. Use at least five (5) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not quality as academic resources.

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Why is it important for health care leaders to have and exhibit good interpersonal or people and communication skills?
Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 500–700 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

Health care is a dynamic and diverse environment. Health care professionals and patients come from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures. It is important that health care leaders possess interpersonal and communication skills to influence and enhance the delivery of quality health care. Based upon the combination of your own personal experiences and research, respond to the following:

Why is it important for health care leaders to have and exhibit good interpersonal or people and communication skills?
Identify and discuss 3 interpersonal or people skills that you feel are required of health care leaders.

How can leaders improve their interpersonal skills?

Support your writing with at least 2 scholarly sources.

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HCS 465: Influences of Health Care Research
Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Identify one innovation that has been developed in the last 20 years that has influenced the health care industry, such as:
• Telemedicine
Develop a 2 to 3-slide presentation that discusses the following:
• Describe the innovation
• How did health care research establish evidence to support the innovation?

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Assignment 3: Celebrity Quality Healthcare
Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

You are developing a strategic plan for your healthcare institution.
A one-time Olympic champion from your hometown was recently diagnosed with a life threatening illness. You ask if the champion will share his story with the community and encourage testing at your facility. However, you must ask the board’s permission.
You develop a PowerPoint presentation to present to the board in order to persuade the members to give you approval to implement your plan.
Your PowerPoint should be approximately eight slides and include the following information:
• Give examples of two celebrities who are currently successful spokespersons for an illness or disease.
• Describe the contributions your selected celebrity endorsers have made to the quality of healthcare.
• Explain how healthcare businesses, the government, and regulations may have been impacted by the awareness generated by celebrity endorsers of healthcare products, services or issues.

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The Implications of Managed Care on the U.S. Healthcare System
Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Managed health care emerged in the early 19th century in response to the growing cost of medical services in the United States. It is an ever-evolving approach to combining the financing and delivery of health care that seeks to manage costs, increase access, and ensure or improve quality of care through a variety of methods, including provider network management, utilization management, and quality assurance.
Write a three (3) page paper in which you:
1. Describe the evolution of managed care and the forces that have driven its evolution.
2. Explain how managed care influences access to and utilization of healthcare services within the current healthcare system.
3. Evaluate the efficacy of managed care plans in containing healthcare costs.
4. Differentiate and compare at least three (3) models of managed care organizations.
5. Summarize at least one (1) managed care trend (i.e., evolving mixed models, managed Medicaid, managed Medicare) and appraise how this trend will affect managed care’s overall goal of managing costs, increasing access, and ensuring quality in the delivery of healthcare.
6. Use at least three (3) recent (i.e., last five [5] years), quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.
Use at least three (3) recent (i.e., last five [5] years), quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

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Centervale: A Public Health Response
Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Public health professionals must be involved in numerous planning activities that are related to emergency public health responses. This aspect of environmental health is fast becoming a highly popular sector. Events related to natural disasters and responses to terror attacks over the past decade have become very real.

This assignment addresses emergency public health responses that are capable of providing meaningful help to communities when such events become evident.

Consider the following:
The city of Centervale has a population of 75,000 and continues to grow. It is located approximately forty-five miles outside of a huge metropolitan area of over two million people.
Centervale has been developing their local disaster management plan since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The city elects a mayor and city council which contracts a city manager.

City officials and planners have been following the latest protocols as provided for instate and federal guidelines for a community of its size and configuration. However, the city’s plans have mostly focused on responses to terrorism threats. Plans show incomplete responses to other public health emergencies or natural disasters. For the most part they have continued to rely on local first responder protocols that have been in place for years.
You have been invited as a Disaster Management and Emergency Preparedness specialist to make a proposal to the city council, in the hopes that they will hire you to help Centervale fully develop its plans to include protocols for a full and measured response to other disasters of a public health nature, including natural disasters.

The city council is allowing you forty-five minutes for your presentation. Keep in mind the scalability factor for the size of population and location. Your presentation must include a risk-based, all-hazards, and capability-approach response. Be sure to address the following in your presentation:

• Common Mission Area
• Prevent Mission Area
• Respond Mission Area
• Protect Mission Area
• Recover Mission Area
Use the National Preparedness Guidelines (NPG) as a starting point in researching relevant information.
Complete the following:

• Develop a PowerPoint presentation that outlines your suggested path to updating Centervale’s disaster management plan.