Paper details LOCAL ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM PAPER Students will be required to write a paper on a local environmental/public health issue that directly impacts the health of Utah residents. The purpose of this assignment is to give students an opportunity to explore in detail a local environmental health problem/issue that is a personal priority concern, i.e. something that you are deeply concerned about as an individual and discuss steps being taken to address the problem through local groups, organizations and government entities. The assignment will provide students with an opportunity to describe how social and behavior change strategies, such as the ones covered in class can be applied to local environmental health problems. Each student will select one local/state environmental health problem to focus on in detail for this assignment. The following sections must be included in your final paper: 1. Abstract: A one-page overview of the problem you will address in your paper. The abstract should also include a brief statement concerning the scope of the problem and target populations most affected by the problem. Include known cultural, social and behavioral factors that influence the problem and identify leading organizations (public and private) that are playing a role in addressing the problem. Abstracts are due on Saturday, October 25. 2. Problem Statement: Describe the nature of the problem and provide references from your review of the literature that will give the reader a background on the scope and severity of the problem. Identify the primary target audience/population affected by the problem. 3. Known Causes and Etiologic Factors: Discuss the factors that contribute to the cause(s) of the problem in the target population most affected. What environmental, social and behavioral factors play a role in the continuation of the problem? What other factors contribute to health and quality of life risks? 4. Organizations (public and private) that are currently addressing the problem. This section should include an overview of organizations and government entities that are involved in addressing the problem. How do these organizations interact and form partnerships to provide funding, education and other resources to address the problem? 5. Interventions: This section should include a discussion of public health promotion interventions being implemented to address the problem. How do these interventions enhance education and behavior change within the target population? 6. Theoretical Applications: Discuss health behavior theories and models that are being applied to address the problem. Where do you find examples of how the theories and strategies discussed in class apply to the interventions with the problem you have selected? 7. Evaluation and Outcomes: What outcomes have been produced to impact the problem? Which interventions have been most effective? What are the major barriers to solving the problem? 8. Bibliography: Provide a list of references and citations used in your paper. Additional Requirements for Paper: Papers must be double-spaced and not exceed 8 pages in length, excluding the bibliography. Use APA format and be sure to address each of the sections described above with use of headings and subheadings for clear organizational structure. Font must be in Times New Roman with 1” margins, numbered pages and 11-point font size. I attached kind of abstract which I already showed my teacher. I want you to follow the abstract when you write. Envision Utah web page address is