Policy Boundaries

Read the Health Care and Nursing Policy Critique Project Description and Scoring Guide for all details related to your final course project. For this assignment, you will build on the Health Care and Nursing Issue assignment you submitted in Unit 2. Write a 3–5 page paper (excluding cover sheet and references) that clearly lays out policies that define health care and nursing practice with your selected issue or problem. Include in your paper: Legislation. Executive decisions. Court decisions. Regulations that have defined this area of health care delivery and nursing practice, historically and today. Discuss the legal and ethical considerations that have influenced policy decision making regarding this issue. Use scholarly sources that address the social, historical, and political context of the research, theories, and methods related to your topic. Cite a minimum of three sources with the majority being peer-reviewed sources. Your reference list should be appropriate to the body of literature available on this topic that has been published in the past five years. Use APA style and formatting throughout your paper and when citing your sources. Read the Policy Boundaries Scoring Guide to learn the requirements for this assignment and how you will be evaluated.