Internal Code: MAS5666 Health Care Assignment: Case Study: Details of task: Ben is a 15 year old boy who lives with his biological parents. The family live in a high socio-economic area and Ben attends a private school in the next suburb. Ben’s father works long hours and is often travelling with work and his mother is busy organising charity functions and socialising with her friends. Ben is given a generous allowance each week so that he can pay for the latest video games and go out with his friends to parties when he chooses. Every evening during the week he returns from school and spends most of the time in his room playing video games with others on the network. His mother is concerned about how much time her son is spending on the internet particularly as he has become more secretive and moody recently. Ben is a football player with his local club and believes he may one day play for his country. He is physically well-developed so he looks much older than his chronological age. After the footy game on Saturday afternoon, he drinks alcohol with older boys who encourage him to stay out all night partying. On Monday mornings in class, he appears sleepy and is annoyed when the teacher approaches him. At other times the teacher notices that he is playing video games on his computer in class rather than engaged in the classroom activities. He refuses to complete homework tasks and is failing many of his academic subjects. When challenged, Ben disrupts the other students from learning by encouraging them to play the video games with him. Questions: 1. Discuss Ben’s development in terms of the cognitive, physical and psychological changes that Ben is likely to experience at his age. 2. Discuss any concerns regarding Ben’s behaviour and mental health. 3. What challenges might the school counsellor face in working with Ben, given that Ben does not think there is a problem? 4. Discuss three contemporary counselling techniques that could be effective with Ben and why? 5. What additional counselling or support could be undertaken by the school and by external agencies? 30 total views, 2 views today