health care issue Order Description Descriptions of Written Assignments Written Assignment 1 = 10 Points For your first paper, identify one important health care issue that is being currently debated by Americans, and then follow the instructions below: Prepare a 800-1,000 word essay that 1) summarizes a news story found on Kaiser Health News ( and then 2) discusses the implications of this news event on your future professional opportunities as a healthcare manager. Incorporate at least three (3) scholarly journal articles published in the last five years into your paper. In addition, you must use UMUC’s library to locate the articles and include at least one scholarly journal that provides a DOI = digital object identifier on the reference page (example: doi: 10.1108/03090560710821161). Follow APA style guidelines for citations and the reference page. Prepare your essay in MS Word with 1-inch margins on all sides, double-spaced and 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Please note that the 1000 word limit INCLUDES all components of your paper, including your name, title, citations, and references. Submit it your final draft to Turnitin and then submit your paper, with its Turnitin score on the front page, to your Writing Coach one week before its due date. After incorporating feedback from your Coach, resubmit your final paper to Turnitin and then submit your final paper to the Professor with both Turnitin Scores on the front page. The final score should be in the green light zone. Note: Prior to starting the assignment, please review the grading rubric and writing outline provided to you by the Professor and Coach. Remember that the rubric reflects exactly what your Professor will consider when grading your essay – including whether or not you followed the outline.