In this assignment examine quality indicators used for performance improvement in health care organizations. Research this issue using the Internet to identify at least one form of quality performance indicator that is used to monitor this issue. This may be a balanced scorecard internal or external performance measurement instrument or organization (such as the Joint Commission of Health Grades) a process for improvement (such as the Baldridge Award or Six Sigma) or another form of specific health care quality indicator.
Write a paper to include the following:Introduction: Briefly describe the topic and issue of concern you have chosen. State why this topic and issue are important to health care administrators and leaders. Define the type of organization you have chosen and the administrative role you will take. Conclude this section with a one-sentence statement stating what will be covered in this paper.
Background and Problem Identification: Identify environmental factors that contribute to your targeted issue. Assess how they may impact this issue and health care in general over the next 35 years. Include markets social cultural economic and political factors in your assessment.
Review of Quality Indicator Process: Evaluate different theoretical approaches and applications of assessing organizational performance from a leadership perspective. Consider how health care has adapted existing processes for performance measurement or developed new quality indicators to identify and monitor targeted problems or issues. Distinguish between prospective and retrospective performance indicators and address how their use would affect your organization from a leadership perspective regarding your chosen issue.
Quality Indicator for Performance Measurement and Improvement: Identify one quality indicator that is currently being used to monitor your chosen issue. State how you will use this process in an action plan for improvement at your organization to address the issue. Be sure to view this problem from the perspective of your chosen administrative role. You will create an action plan item using this quality indicator in the final paper of your course project.
Conclusion: Summarize the key points of your paper.
References: Your reference list must include at least seven sources not including the course text. At least five references must be from peer-reviewed academic journals.
APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (6th ed.) style and formatting.
Length of paper: 56 typed double-spaced pages excluding the title page and references section.
Font and font size: Times New Roman 12 point.Refer often to your Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association for guidance on correct APA style and formatting.