Health Psychology The order of the short paper should flow similarly to the flow of the original paper. The students need to give a brief overview of each section of the empirical article (e.g. the method section should be summarized and include demographic information on the participants, types of methods used to gather the data; the results section should summarize the data analysis plan and findings; the discussion should include a brief overview of how the authors interpreted the results). Finally, the students need to write a brief paragraph on their opinions of the study and the outcomes. Does the student agree or disagree and why (this should include supporting details through references to the article’s text). The paper has a specific format that must be followed appropriately when completing this assignment. If the formatting guidelines are not followed then there will be deductions to the paper grade.  This paper is APA format. Please make sure this paper is as simple as possible. The professor has a website to check my paper for plagiarism. please don’t attach other people work.