Health family structure This paper consists of two sections. Candidates should attempt the following: Section A—All questions Section B—Question 1 and any other two questions. SECTION A Attempt ALL questions. You should spend approximately 30 minutes on this part of the paper. Identify one family structure. Name one fat soluble vitamin. Identify one cause of dental caries. State one food to avoid during pregnancy. Give one property of towelling fabric. What does the abbreviation WRVS stand for? State one of the areas covered by the Consumer Protection Act 1987. Explain the term malnutrition. State two functions of water in the diet. State two benefits of bar codes to the retailer. Explain two advantages of breathable membranes. State two functions of the Samaritans. Give two advantages of meals-on-wheels. Give one advantage and one disadvantage of store cards. SECTION B Attempt THREE questions from this section: Question 1 and any other TWO questions. You should spend approximately 30 minutes on each question. 1. (a) Identify and explain three factors which could affect a family’s lifestyle. (b) Evaluate each of the following steps a family could take to reduce debt. (i) Contact a bank (ii) Contact the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) (iii) Borrow money from a family member (iv) Use a credit card (c) Identify and explain three factors to consider when choosing clothes for a toddler. (d) Evaluate how each of the following services could assist a family. (i) National Health Service (NHS) (ii) Social Services Marks 2. (a) The table opposite shows a day’s nutrient content of meals eaten by a 16 year old male. Using your knowledge of nutrition, and the information provided, evaluate the suitability of this day’s nutritional intake. (b) Identify and explain three factors, other than diet, which could contribute to coronary heart disease (CHD). (c) Explain three ways the consumer is protected by the Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994. (d) Evaluate the provision of school meals under each of the following headings. (i) Parents and carers (ii) School pupils (e) Explain the role of the Trading Standards Department (TSD). 2.(a)Nutrient content of a day’s meals eaten by a 16 year old male Energy (MJ) 12·54 (kcal) 3000 58 900 9 0·2 1800 42 Protein (g) Calcium (mg) Iron (mg) Vitamin B1 Sodium (mg) (mg) Vitamin C (mg) Reference Nutrient Intake for Selected Nutrients in the UK (per day) for males aged between 15-18 years Protein (g) 55.2 Calcium (mg) 1000 Iron (mg) 11·3 Vitamin B1 (mg) 1·1 Sodium (mg) 1600 Vitamin C (mg) 40 Estimated Average Requirement for Energy in the UK (per day) for males aged between 15-18 years MJ 11·51 kcal 2755 Marks 3. (a) Identify and explain three stages in the development of sleepwear for a baby. (b) The star profile below shows the results of testing new sleepwear. Evaluate the suitability of the sleepwear for a baby. Absorbency 5 4 3 Softness 2 1 0 Elasticity 4 EV 6 KU Ease of care Warmth (c) Evaluate online shopping as a method of purchasing a cot. (d) Explain the benefits to the consumer of each of the following labels. (i) Energy rating label (ii) Microwave label (iii) Star ratings for fridges/freezers (iv) Flammability label (e) Explain the role of the Consumers’ Association. Marks 4. (a) Identify and explain three responsibilities of a parent. (b) Evaluate the suitability of the following meal in relation to four different Scottish dietary targets. • • • Vegetable soup Creamy salmon pasta with fresh herbs Fizzy lemonade 4 EV 4 KU 6 KU (c) Identify and explain two causes of food contamination. (d) Evaluate the use of each of the following to the consumer. (i) Fairtrade products (ii) Food colourings (e) Explain two ways the British Standards Institution (BSI) benefits the consumer. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT