In this Assignment you will examine individual roles related to the regulation of nursing practice resolution of conflict and delivery of health care services.
This Assignment will serve as a course level assessment for course outcome 1:
Examine culturally proficient and congruent approaches to the care of diverse communities and vulnerable and underserved populations.
Go out into your community and interview two individuals who affect the regulation of nursing practice and the delivery of health care services. For example you might select an administrator at a health care facility and a nurse from your state board of nursing. Your interview questions must contain these 3 items (you may ask additional questions of your choosing to help you complete this Assignment):How does your organization influence the regulation of nursing practice and the delivery of health care services
In past situations how have you applied conflict management skills to resolve issues and/or build team alliances
How is your organization influenced by the regulation of nursing practice and the delivery of health care services Review the ANA Nursing Code of Ethics and the ICN Code of Ethics and select one you find most applicable to the results of the interview.
You will write a 2 pages reflective essay (excluding the title and reference pages) including:analyzing the responses of the interviewees relative to demonstrating a supportive environment for culturally proficient legal and ethical nursing practice
analyzing application of applying principles of conflict resolution with a professional team.Remember your response must analyze each situation from your perspective and contain supporting rationales for your ideas.Before finalizing your work you should be sure to have:Have a minimun of 3 supporting articler or literature not less than 5 years old
Be sure to read the Assignment description carefully (as displayed above);
Utilize spelling and grammar check to minimize errors.
Your writing Assignment should:
follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar punctuation etc.);
be well ordered logical and unified as well as original and insightful;
display superior content organization style and mechanics; and
use APA 6th Edition format.