Patterns of knowing theory

Patterns of Knowing Project (20%) Reflect on your practice and who you are as a Nurse and explore the five fundamental patterns of knowing (ethical, personal, aesthetic, empirical, emancipatory) exemplified with your nursing practice. Develop an innovative project demonstrating each of the 5 patterns of knowing in who you are as a nurse. Project can be Poem Power point Short story digital story paper Introduction (40 Points) Description of your experiences of who you are as a nurse, how you see yourself as a nurse and your ‘nurse being’ Patterns of Knowing (60 points) – Explain/show how each pattern is evident in your nursing experiences. Examine which fundamental patterns of knowing were most prevalent in your nursing practice/experiences you have chosen to discuss. Make sure you address each of the 5 patterns. If you do this as a paper—APA (10 points) – if you do this as a paper- This paper must be presented in an organized and scholarly fashion following APA 6th edition guidelines. Review the General Guidelines for Content, References, and APA Grading Criteria at the end of the syllabus Up to seven (7) points will be deducted from a paper that does not adhere to these guidelines: Clarity – 3 points References – 2 points APA format – 2 points