key features of the Humanistic Approach Answer all questions. The skills of knowledge and understanding (KU) and analysis, evaluation and application (A,E, App) are being assessed in this paper. When answering each question you should note the number of marks allocated to each skill and use this information as a guide to the length and type of answer required. (a) Describe two key features of the Humanistic Approach. (b) Explain one strength and one weakness of using a Psychodynamic 2 approach to understand human behaviour in a care context. 2 (c) Use one model of grief, loss or transition to explain how a care worker could support someone who is experiencing grief or a significant change in their 4 life. 5 Case Study Read the case study and answer the questions that follow. Shane is a 10 year old boy in foster care due to parental neglect. He doesn’t mix well with other children and regularly says “Nobody likes me. No family will ever want me”. (d) Explain how Albert Ellis’s Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy could help 4 a care worker understand Shane. 4 25