1. How do the current determinants of health match up with Maslows Hierarchy of Needs?
2. How significant do you feel these determinants of health factors are when determining the health of an individual patient?
3. How will this information help you when interacting with patients?
4. Do you feel the health care system is helping to improve the health status of individuals? How about of the American population?
Second part
1. Explain how health care is different today than in previous eras. Topics to consider: hospitals physicians and the role of government.
2. Identify the 3 primary factors which created the need for health insurance and describe the reasons why.
3. What 3 segments of our population are provided for by Medicare and Medicaid? Briefly explain why it became necessary to accommodate them during the Postindustrial Era.
4. List 3 factors (economic political etc.) currently affecting health care services. What impact do you think these will have on the future of health care?