History and evolution of information systemsMEBC 1020 History and evolution of information systems
(1.1 Forum)History and evolution of information systems in health servicesInstructionsRead study and analyze chapter 4 of the book Health Care Information Systems: A Practical Approach to Health Care Management identified in the resources required at the beginning of the module as well as other relevant resources (optional resources videos and others indicated by the teacher) .He then participates in the discussion forum arguing about how the impact of technology has influenced the field of health services.In your answer in the forum you must:***Summarize the history and evolution of information systems in tune with health services.***Explain how the medical billing process has changed with technological advances.***Respond: Do you think that the use of technology applied to medical billing has been of benefit Explain.***Attached is the literature to answer this work that should have three paragraphs of information with the most important content. You can also search other resources online it is allowed to use appointments in the respueta. It is also necessary to place the references used.***