Explain and analyze the cause(s) of a specific event, condition, or circumstance. Explain the issue or effect (the result or current situation of the issue) and describe the cause(s) (what brought this even about/what contributed or produced this condition/circumstance). This should be your personal thoughts on a causal relationship, supported by one source found on the library database or an online periodical. (Essays that do not meet these source requirements will automatically receive a failing grade.) Requirements: • The thesis statement must directly address either causes or effects and “map” the points you plan to explore in the essay. • Present the cause and effect relationship logically, so that your reader may follow your line of thought • Adherence to MLA format (including heading, header, font size and type, spacing, 1 inch margins • Correct mechanics, content/organization, and sentence structure (see the Point Penalty list for details). • 400-500 words in length. • Do not use 2nd Person (NO “you, your, you’re, y’all”) • A well-developed thesis statement that “maps” out the points included in your essay •