Internal Code: MAS5667 Biomedical Assignment: Communication of information is an essential part of the biomedical industry. Doctors, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals must regularly convey complex scientific concepts in an easy-to-read format to a variety of audiences. Your task is to produce a 500-word brochure that explains the scientific basis of a disease of your choice, aimed at recently-diagnosed sufferers. There are hundreds of diseases to choose from – try to think of something unusual. It must, however, fall under one of the following categories: • Cardiovascular diseases • CNS /Neurodegenerative diseases • Inherited diseases • Cancer • Autoimmune diseases Questions: 1) Explain the molecular causes and disease processes plus any current treatments and their mechanism of action. 2) Demonstrate research/inquiry skills by identifying, evaluating and collating appropriate information from scientific sources 26 total views, 2 views today