Internal Code – MAS4446 Nursing Assignment Report Writing : In preparation for clinical practice, you are required to write a report to demonstrate your understanding of medication errors. Use the three peer reviewed journal articles provided in UTSonline, plus one that you find yourself, to identify three major reasons why medication errors occur. Explain why each of these reasons can lead to medication errors. Support your explanation with evidence from the articles. Conclude the assignment with how this information will inform your practice on your next clinical placement. The layout of your report is to include : 1. Brief introduction: background information on medication errors; significance of the problem 2. Main body: use subheadings, one for each of the three major reasons selected as to why medication errors occur. 3. Conclusion: summarise how the evidence will inform your practice on clinical placement and state three strategies that the nurse can use to prevent medication errors. 17 total views, 2 views today