Stage one of the assignment task: The first stage of this assignment is an extension of what you have already learnt about good clinical trial design. You will be provided with a recent phase I research paper identifying a potential new target for therapy for either breast, prostate or colorectal cancer. You will then be asked to write a research proposal for a phase II clinical trial using the provided proforma (the proposal template). You may wish to consider that you have been asked to develop this proposal for a funding application and as such you must convince the reviewers (your peers and the examiner), why your proposal is worthy of investigation. Writing this proposal will require you to reflect on what you know about clinical trial design to create a sound proposal. Marks will be awarded for: 1. Your ability to demonstrate your understanding of the research area that your given paper is describing. 2. Your ability to put forward a strong Phase II research proposal taking into consideration good clinical trial design. Stage two of the assignment task: The second stage of the assignment is a peer review of two (2) of your colleague’s submitted research proposals. This will be available in Turnitin one (1) week following the submission of your proposal (8th September, 2017). Turnitin will assign you the research proposals on the same topic you worked on. You are asked to critique these and answer 4 short questions as follows): Q1 You are on the board of a pharmaceutical company. Your role is to evaluate the proposal and decide if the company should fund it. How likely would you be to fund this proposal? This is a scale and you need to rank the proposal from 1 (unlikely) to 5 (very likely). Q2 Explain what factors in the proposal would impact your decision to fund it? In this response, you will need to rationalise how you came to your decision in question 1. You can use supporting evidence from the proposal you reviewed as well as published research. Q3 Now that you have read this proposal select an aspect that you think may have been beneficial in your own proposal. Explain why this is the case and how it would strengthen your proposal. In your answer you will need supporting evidence to justify your conclusions. This evidence can come from the proposal and/or published research. Q4 Now that you have read this proposal select an aspect that you think could have been improved in this proposal. Explain why this is the case and how you could strengthen this proposal.