Resource: Week Two Operating Budget AssignmentConsider the following scenario:A month after submitting and receiving approval of the ABC Health Care Operating Budget you receive an email from the chief financial officer (CFO) informing you the financial data of the organization has been reported and it shows the organization reported a loss for the month. He is requesting you to complete and review the income statement to determine what category(s) suffer a loss and adjust your expenses to show a profit for the incoming month. You will be responsible for presenting the adjusted budget to the board of directors showing a profit and will need to explain your new budgetary figures. Complete an income statement using the ABC Health Care Income Statement Template.The CFO provided you with the following figures to input in the income statement:Your clinic received $175000 from the government as fee-for services reimbursements as well as $80000 from private payers. The clinic had a fund-raiser that brought in $26000 and the grants department brought in $25000.Categories Monthly Expense
Monthly salaries $165000
Monthly benefits $ 42500
Monthly rent $ 80000
Monthly insurance $ 3750
Monthly depreciation $ 1700
Monthly overhead $ 18000
Monthly supplies $ 4500
Monthly utilities $ 7600
Write a 700- to 1050-word executive summary that explains the adjusted budget showing a profit and your new budgetary figures.Include the following in your summary: Summarize the scenario.
Analyze the monthly revenues you think need to be adjusted.
o Which revenues can be increased and by how much
o How will the adjustments affect the organization
Analyze the monthly expenses you think need to be adjusted.
o Which expenses can be cut and by how much
o Are the expenses variable or fixed
o How will the adjustments affect the organization
Explain your budgetary recommendation to your CFO.
o Are you recommending a profit or a breakeven point
o How much of the expenses do you propose should be cut to make a profit
o How much of the revenues do you propose to increase to make a profit If applicable.
Analyze how you determine if your recommendations are ethically sound. Cite at least two sources including your textbook.
Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.