ASSIGNMENT: Imagine that you are an elected member of the United States House of Representatives during
the debate on the health care reform act that was passed in 2010. While in a House commit
tee meeting you learn before anyone else that a proposed public insurance option a program that would
compete with private insurance will not be included. This information will have a significant impact on the
stock prices for health care companies.1 The information you have is insider information and is not available to
the general public. You have the opportunity to buy or sell shares of stock in companies that will be impacted by
this legislation and make a great deal of money doing so.
In this essay you will have two tasks: First analyze the above situation from the perspectives of both
Deontology and Virtue Ethics. In other words explain what these moral systems would say the morally correct
thing to do for you as a House of Representatives member in this situation is and what makes them morally
right or wrong. Second I want you to state what you think the morally correct thing to do in this situation is
explain your moral reasoning and identify which normative moral view you are subscribing to.
Your essay must use labels for each section: Deontology Virtue Ethics My View .
Aristotles view opens our mind to the idea that theres more to morality than whether we are doing the right
thing or the wrong thing. It also matters why we do what we do or what kind of person we are. According to
Aristotle the good person is a virtuous person and the bad person is a vicious person. To be virtuous is to have
certain characteristics characteristics that lead you to do something in the right amount neither too much nor
too little. To be vicious is to do things in excess or too little. Virtue theory is a powerful tool for assessing the
moral worth of individuals.)