Obesity In children with Prader-Willi syndrome

Formulate and evaluate a care plan on health promotion for an individual or group. Introduction Identify a health issue or issue that can affect health, state that you will design health promotion care plan, and evaluate the care plan Main body Identify a health issue – at individual / family / community / national / global levels and provide brief background of the health issue including who is at risk, risk factors, and how it presents. Design a health promotion care plan: problem – what is the health issue/problem, assessment; assess – how do you assess for the existence of the health issue / problem; goal – what do you hope to achieve; intervention – how are you going to achieve your goal. Evaluation of your care plan: did you achieve or not achieve your goal, give reasons for your achievement or non-achievement, what are alternative assessments, goals, and interventions Conclusion Summarise what you have done; what is the implication of this experience for your professional and personal development Referencing Havard. 3000words Please link this with learning disability as this is my specialised field ( learning disability Nursing) Reference list should be atleast 18 Please use information from NHS, NMC UK, NICE guideline. Use reliable Journals, Articles (Peer Reviewed).