Describe the difference between hardware and software.

Question 2

Look around your organisation. What types of computers are in use?
How do these computers suit your organisation’s needs?
Are the organisation’s computers networked? Give reasons why this is necessary.
Question 3

Can you find examples of integrated programs? List the contents of an integrated
program that u have found.

What features/facilities does it have?
In what ways would all this functionality be useful to the user?

Question 4

Look around your organisation. Which types of printers are in use? List them here.
What reasons can you offer for their being chosen by your organisation?
Question 5

List three types of legal requirements that organisations must meet.
Question 6- Do this exercise alone not in a group.

Discuss why it is important to observe the following organisational requirements –
OH&S, Ethical standards and Codes of Conduct.

What do you think might happen if organisations were not required to maintain these

Question 7

What are the three basic rules you should practise in caring for hardware/software

Question 8

List 5 things you must do regularly to maintain your computer internally.

Question 9

What does file maintenance involve?

Question 10

List the 5 pieces of information you should provide when reporting a fault?

Question 11

In your own words, explain what the term back-up means?
List 3 reasons why backing-up is important.

Question 12

Name the 2 pieces of legislation that act to protect the privacy of people and collect

List 2 aspects of the rights that these laws confer.
Question 13

Refer to Exercise 21 in your resource. Why is Linda’s action wrong?

Question 14

What is a computer virus?
List two things you should do to stop virus infections spreading in your computer?
How can you stop a virus spreading to your computer from email attachments?
Question 15

Refer to Exercise 26 in your resource. List three ways Melissa might find out the cause of the

problems in the department?

Question 16 – Discuss your finding in your answer (not in class)

Brainstorm the financial factors that may affect its purchase,

implementation and usage in an organisation.