What is prostitution? What are some dangers? What are the arguments on either side of the legalization debate? What do you think? Why?
Pornography: what is pornographic? How has pornography impacted sexual coercion? What are some gender differences in response to pornography?
Why do people go into prostitution? What is the experience of a prostitute in different parts of the world?


What is meant by sexual assault? What are some types of sexual assault? What is the difference between sexual assault and sexual harassment?
How does sexual assault differ between men and women? What are some sociocultural attitudes that may impact sexual assault?
What are some psychological characteristics of sex offenders? What are some types of abusers? How does sexual assault or sexual abuse affect victims?
What are the current approaches to treating sexual offenders? What is their effectiveness?

Should fertility treatments be allowed for couples that cannot have children considering the world’s overpopulation? Why/why not? Should there be an age limit to receiving fertility treatment? Why/why not?
What are some different methods of contraception? Which one is the best? Why?
What are the dangers of unprotected sex aside from pregnancy? What are the current statistics on sexually transmitted infections (STI)? Which ones are the most common? What is the best way to educate the population on the dangers of STIs? Describe at least 3 types of STIs.
How do different cultures across the world view abortion? Should abortion always be legal? Why/why not?

What are the best predictive factors for a successful relationship?
What are the biggest factors of divorce or a breakup of a long-term relationship? What is the best way to cope with a breakup?
How do the dynamics of relationships change over the lifespan according to Erik Erikson?
How has online dating changed the dating “landscape”? How has this phenomenon affected the dynamics of romantic relationships?

What defines attractiveness? How do different cultures view attractiveness?
How does the media impact the female and male representations of beauty?
How do perceptions of attractiveness affect a person’s social status or access to resources?
What are the psychological impacts on men and women, boys and girls about such notions of beauty?