Goals 1. Engage students in a research process that investigates a professional nursing issue. 2. Develop skill in critical thinking and analysis of a research topic. 3. Develop skill in scholarly writing using APA 7th edition formatting. 1. Students are to identify a research topic regarding a professional nursing issue of interest. 2. The term paper is a scholarly submission based-on the analysis of peer reviewed academic resources. Term Paper Guidelines: Articulating the Issue (Paragraph 1) – Articulate the central issue/concern by bringing the reader towards your topic. Be accurate, objective and compelling. – Establish the context of the topic, identify perspective from relevant academic research. – Identify the significance and relevance of the topic to you as the author and what is the specific issue/problem/disagreement you intend to focus on. Background (Paragraph 2) – Provide a brief background of information about the issue. – Draw in current literature about the scope, nature and magnitude of the issue by reviewing relevant literature to the topic and researchers in the field. – Consider defining key terms and characteristics. Philosophical Assumptions ( Paragraph 3) – Describe your philosophical assumptions in relation to the topic. This is a reflection of your values and beliefs (your paradigm). How does your philosophical outlook influence your nursing practice regarding this issue? Analyzing the Issue (Paragraph 4/5) This paragraph(s) is to provide a reasoned analysis and evidence that supports your developing understanding of the topic of research. Articulate the context of the issue in relation to Canadian nursing practice (for example consider the historical, ethical, legal, social, cultural or political contexts). Demonstrate growth in your understanding of the topic by drawing on quality academic literature, such as new insights, questions and potential directions. Conclusion/Reinforcement (Last Paragraph ) This final paragraph should offer a succinct summary of the key issue and draw out a concluding statement about the topic. In your conclusion you should identify new insights, further questions and potential directions for future research. Your final sentences should touch on the significance of the issue to nursing and leave the reader with a positive message (‘food for thought’).