Marketing Report on AETNA Health Insurance Company, focusing on the following things: 1-Does the firm has cost-leadership position in the business? if so, identify which costs drivers it uses effectively to hold this position? 2-What is the firm approach to the market? if it segments the markets, identify the scope of competition it is using. 3-Is the company (if it is global company) varying its product or serve to adapt to differences in different countries? is the marketing approach different among the nations involved? should it be? 4-which of the four global business strategies is the firm using? is this the best strategy for it to use? why or why not? 5-Find a list of the members of the board of directer of the company. How large is the board? are there any women or minorities on the board? Is the CEO chair of the board? 6-who are the largest stakeholders of the firm? is there a high degree of employee ownership of the stock? 7-in reviewing press releases and news articles about this company over the past one year, can you find examples of any actions the firm has taken that, though legal, may be ethically questionable?