The Vietnam conflict: wartime challenges for nurses

In the documentary,Vietnam Nurses With Dana Delany, you got a brief, but powerful glimpse into what it was like to be a nurse during the Vietnam War. After watching this film, you will notice that it was just as much a testament to these women’s physical nursing care as it was to their emotional support for wounded soldiers who faced an uncertain and challenging recovery. This film not only described the historical events of the time, but also imparted the powerful human experiences at the heart of this story. This film was created for a general public audience and does not provide much in the way of critical analysis, nevertheless, it is still a visually and intellectually compelling narrative. One final point: given the film’s subjects, you might reasonably conclude that all “Vietnam Nurses” were women. In fact, nearly one-third of the military nurses who served in the war were men, and this was at a time when less than 1% of the nation’s nurses were men. Therefore this week, rather than have you wrestle with the usual “formal” questions, consider what is was like to be one of these eight women, and then have a conversation with each other about their experiences. Here are some suggestions to get your discussions started, however, you are not limited to the ones I have listed below, please feel free to discuss what scenes from the film impacted you the most: • your impressions of the chaos of the wards • the injuries the soldiers encountered • the nurse’s relationship with the soldiers they treated • the loneliness, guilt, and thoughts of suicide they faced after returning home (we now know these as symptoms of PTSD—post-traumatic stress disorder) Important details: There is no need to provide quotes from the film, your DB responses are solely about your impressions of these amazing nurses wartime experiences. However, please keep in mind that you will most likely need to write between 5 and 7 paragraphs in order to adequately discuss the film in a coherent, well thought-out, and organized fashion. Also, make sure that you pose a question for your peer’s to respond to in order to keep the conversation going