External and internal forces lend equal weight to the process of change. The wise leader can incorporate both external and internal dynamics in assessing the need for change and in building a systematic and organized response to it.” (Porter-O’Grady & Malloch, p 284)

As a leader, a priority will be in systems improvement and improvement in patient outcomes. Your microsystem assessment and performance improvement (treatment) plan, as developed in the co-requisite practicum course, will involve “change” in some shape, form and/or fashion for nursing staff in your microsystem.

Based on your current knowledge and assessment-to-date of your microsystem:
1. Identify a potential unit-based need for improvement (specific aim)
2. Discuss the external and internal forces that will most likely impact the change
3. Discuss at least 3 strategies (with literature support) you would implement to facilitate staff engagement with the proposed change