Paper instructions: Write an essay exploring factors that affect interpersonal communication, identify and discuss three communication skills that as a registered nurse consider essential to achieve competency in standard 9.1 of the Nursing & Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) National Competency Standards for the Registered Nurse. understanding of theoretical knowledge and skills related to psychosocial nursing and effective communication as identified in the following learning objectives: • demonstrate understanding of the importance of the therapeutic alliance in psychosocial nursing. • identify individual and group techniques that can be utilised by the nurse. • demonstrate understanding of the influence of the environment on therapeutic communication practice counselling within an ethical framework. • apply, with direction, the principles and concepts of psychosocial nursing specific to nursing contexts at a beginning level. • demonstrate understanding of the fundamental principles of effective communication and the factors that affect interpersonal and therapeutic communication. • demonstrate understanding and apply, at a beginning level, the principles of formal academic writing. • demonstrate competence in the use of technology to aid research and present information in a professional manner, consistent with organisational requirements. The criteria on which the task will be assessed includes: 1. Structure a. Use of English b. Introduction c. Body d. Conclusion 2. Content a. NMBA competency standard 9.1 b. Factors that affect interpersonal communication c. Identify and discuss three communication skills d. Use of literature to support discussion 3. Referencing a. In text referencing b. APA referencing style c. Appropriateness of literature used Australian resources and resources not older than 5 years to be used only