Prior to rolling out a prevention, intervention, or consultation community-based initiative, you must engage your stakeholders in developing a detailed action plan based on the research that has been accomplished. Suppose for instance, that you found that violent juvenile crime is a serious problem in your community. Your overall goal might be to reduce violent juvenile crime, and your action plan objectives might be to increase after-school activities, or to teach parents how to use effective parenting skills. Tasks for the objective of teaching parents how to use effective parenting skills might be to identify an evidence based curricula for teaching parenting skills and to identify an instructor to lead the parenting skills course, to locate a facility for the course, and to identify babysitters for the children of parents who are participating in the course. In either case, the action plan will include steps to define outcome goals, develop objectives, and identify and assign tasks, and acquire necessary resources to ensure that your prevention, intervention, or consultation initiative is successful. In this process, it is important to remember that tasks flow from objectives and objectives flow from goals (goals > objectives > tasks).

• consider elements that are crucial to developing an action plan

• Consider the goals that you might define for the issue, problem, or concern that you are addressing in your Final Project ( (What factors or barriers obstruct accessibility for children and adolescents in mental health?

• Identify objectives that would help operationalize these goals.

• Reflect on tasks that might be accomplished in order to achieve these goals, as well as on the resources that may be needed in order to do so.

• Provide a brief description one or two elements that you feel are crucial to planning. Then, identify one goal related to your Final Project, ((What factors or barriers obstruct accessibility for children and adolescents in mental health?) one objective that addresses the goal, and three tasks to be completed in order to meet the objective