Internal Code – MAS6093 Health Care assignment Case study scenario Wendy has been working with Aziza in her home for a few months. Caring for Aziza includes providing assistance with toileting, showering, dressing, eating, and mobility. When Wendy is in Aziza’s home, she accesses her bedroom, the family bathroom, the family room, and the kitchen.Wendy is aware that she needs to be mindful of manual handling practices, and infection control practices when she provides support to Aziza. She has also had a meeting with her supervisor, Alex, who pointed out that Wendy has not yet conducted a hazard inspection of Aziza;s home. Under CareShores WHS policy, the inspection is overdue. Alex provides Wendy with a template to fill in and instructs her to identify potential hazards in Aziza’s home in line with CareShore’s WHS procedures. Question : Consider the case study scenario involving Aziza in the blue box above. Imagine you are Wendy, and consider a range of potential hazards that could be present in Aziza’s home environment. For this task, you will: identify potential hazards in a workplace assign a simple risk rating determine who is at risk identify any measures taken to address and minimise the risk 21 total views, 2 views today