HOME ECONOMICS HEALTH AND FOOD TECHNOLOGY 1.State one source of vitamin D. 2.Identify one symptom of food poisoning. 3.Give one benefit of water in the diet. 4.Identify one benefit of Fair Trade foods. 5.State one source of bacillus cereus. 6.What does the abbreviation CHD stand for? 7.Explain the term “due diligence” in relation to the food industry. 8.Identify the process by which liquid oils are converted to solid fats. 9.Give two ways food manufacturers have replaced sugar in food products. 10.State two procedures to ensure effective sensory testing. 11.State two responsibilities of the Environmental Health Department (EHD). 12.Give two effects of dehydration on food. 13.Explain two benefits of market research. 14.Give one advantage and one disadvantage of cook-chill products.