Internal Code: MAS4315 Nursing Assignment: Analyse where Carper’s ways of knowing are located within the event. Identify their impact on how the event unfolded including the event outcome. Use Carper’s ways of knowing as subheadings. Even though it is possible that one form of knowledge dominated, you must show evidence of having considered the impact of each way of knowing, and if it is not relevant, explain why not. a) Empirics (identify and analyse the relevant science, medicine, policy, procedure etc.) b) Esthetics (identify and analyse the elements of your practice that relate to your own unique style of caring, intuition, empathy etc.) Think about how this is different to empirics. c) Personal (identify and analyse the ways in which you bought your personal self into this event. How did your values, your ‘therapeutic use of self’ and relationships with others in the event influence the way this event unfolded?) d) Ethical (identify and analyse the ethical and political aspects of this event. Where the patient’s rights upheld, if not why not, etc.) e) Summarise your assignment by reflecting on how using ‘ways of knowing’ has helped you understand your practice in new ways including how you could respond differently to change/improve the interactions and outcome should a similar event occur again. 19 total views, 2 views today