Quality and Safety Education for Nurses

Write a nursing QSEN paper. QSEN 2 Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) is a project designed to empower baccalaureate prepared nurses to apply basic goals of quality, safety, informatics, patient centered care and evidence based practice into the healthcare environment. The topic of my QSEN paper is “Fall Prevention in the hospital” Please use nursing journals, case studies ect.. as resources please include the following objectives in the paper:

• Identify one or more of the QSEN competencies referring to the specific knowledge, skills, or attitudes and behaviors for that particular competency(ies) o Analyze the significance of the concern and relevance for nursing practice in relation to the one or more QSEN/KSA competencies. (From different perspectives, what and why is it important to explore this concern or issue?) o Complete a review of the literature related to the nursing or patient care concern and the associated QSEN/KSA competency.

• Provide a case exemplar from your clinical experience that exemplifies the nursing or patient care concern and its related QSEN/KSA competency(ies)

. • Synthesize the nursing implications from recent literature (within the last 5-7 years) to the specific concern or issue and include implications for these two areas: o Practice: What did you determine was the best or preferred nursing practice for this concern, providing rationales and evidence? o Education: What are the current guidelines for educating staff about patient care or nursing practice related to this concern or issue, providing rationales and evidence?